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No Closing Cost Refinance Rates and zero points

new loan applications Only.

Live Pricing below. Rates are not able to be locked online. The system will give the  closest  interest rate to a no cost, but often for a few hundred dollars you may get a lower rate sometimes. 

 (new Loans and float loans) rates are changing frequently call for exact quote. kevin

These rates include the total closing cost to include recordation,

 closing lender fee's appraisal etc. The system does not show the lower rates that allow you contribute to get a lower rate.


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Loan amounts Interest Rates Credit  (+) Par(even) Points(cost)


We are the best at the NO_Cost refinance program!

The new FED Rules allows us to give a credit that is set by the lender we will advise you of how much credit you will be getting and the amount of the cost.  it may work out that the credit is higher than the cost of which you get to keep the difference Like wise if you select a lower rate that does not cover all the cost then the difference is you obligation. You are in control of he pricing and i can only advise you. It is your choice.  We can not make it exact as we have in the past.  Most of the time this is to your advantage.

NEW LOCKS ONLY.. due to HVCC we are not able to flip loans to other lenders.  This may impact your ability to receive a lower rate.



All interest rates are quoted with a escrow account for taxes and homeowners insurance.  All closing cost are paid by First Meridian Mortgage Corporation and not rolled into the loan.  First Meridian will not pay for Real Estate Tax, and Hazard Insurance Escrow, Prepaid interest, HOA/Condo fees, Mortgage Insurance.  Items associated with paying off your existing mortgage, including but not limited to, fax fees, processing fees, and prepayment penalties.  If there is any cost to be contributed by the buyer it will be noted in the cost column.  Rates are always subject to change without notice unless application has been completed and the lock has been verified. If you have a loan with a current lender that we are use for a quote, that lender may have restrictions on doing another loan ask for details. 





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