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No Cost Refinancing


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As a consumer you naturally want the best possible interest rate and mortgage program.  The best refinance program is one with no points and no closing costs.  The purpose of this website is to inform you of mortgage programs that allow you to keep your interest rate low or stabilize it with absolutely no points and no closing costs rolled into the loan.  (Escrows, i.e. taxes and insurance, are excluded) First Meridian pays for the appraisal, title insurance, recording... everything.  You don't lose any equity!

First Meridian has taken the No Closing Cost Program to a new level. Kenneth Harney, a nationally syndicated columnist who writes for The Washington Post described the program and said, "And with...innovative zero cost adjustable rate mortgages in the 6 1/4 percent to 8 1/4 percent range, refinancing just might make sense for you and thousands of other consumers."

We can help you....

    •  If your adjustable rate mortgage payment has increased or will increase shortly.
    •  If your current interest rate is higher than current market rates.
    •  If you currently paying mortgage insurance.
    •  If you are in the last year of the initial period.
            (i.e. you are in the 2nd year of a 3/1 ARM)
    •  If you have a balloon mortgage payment that is coming due.
    •  If you have a buy down mortgage payment that has increased.
    •  If you will not be in the property as long as you originally thought.

The benefits of this program are obvious. The borrower saves thousands of dollars in closing costs. The difference between a loan with closing costs and no closing costs is typically only .25%. The cost to refinance, for example a $200,000 loan, however can be as much as $2,200.

First Meridian offers the no closing cost refinance on primary residences only. The no point and no closing cost refinance programs offered are the 1/1ARM, 3/1ARM, 5/1ARM, 7/1 ARM, 10/1ARM, 15 and 30 year fixed.

The process is extremely simple and convenient. Applications can be taken over the phone or at your home or office or our online application.   Also, settlements can be conducted at your convenience. You can reach an experienced loan officer at the office or by e-mail.

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First Meridian has refinanced hundreds of people just like you with this program. Many more than once, over the last 4 years. People think it is too good to be true so they miss out on this tremendous opportunity. It is true and all terms are put in writing. If your monthly mortgage payment has recently gone up or will go up, contact us because it simply makes sense.

It makes sense to refinance with no points and no closing costs because your savings are immediate.




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