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Soma no prescription USA FedEx shipping This program Has down payment assistance for the buyer. It is designed to help the first time home buyer put only a 1 percent down Payment and receive a 2 percent gift from the lender. This results in a 3 percent down payment to be used with the Freddie Mac 3 percent down program. This program has the option of no mortgage insurance paid by the borrower in conjunction with using lender paid mi program.

can you buy soma cash on delivery The main requirement is a 700 credit score and a max debt to income of 43%. No other home can be owned and the borrower will need to do a quick online home education class. This program gives the client an Equity Boost. The client can receive a gift from a family member for down payment and closing cost. Please call First Meridian Mortgage Corporation for details at 703-799-5626.

Many other First Time Home Buyer programs are available, FHA, Fannie Mae Home Ready, Freddie Mac Home Possible, and others.