Why you should Never Get a VA Loan from a Credit Union

I am a veteran owned Mortgage Company and I do not like our veterans overpaying on their mortgages. Often many of the serviceman’s first choice is to use one of the Credit Unions because they were on each base we served, but we need to help them understand that they should shop elsewhere. I will walk you through the simple steps to check the interest rates through Navy Federal, USAA, and Pentagon Federal. You will then be able to compare the difference to First Meridian Mortgage’s current Interest Rates. I contend that the most efficient place to get a mortgage is through a Mortgage Broker like First Meridian Mortgage.  First Meridian Mortgage is  a licensed mortgage broker in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.  A Mortgage Broker will have 20 to 30 lenders to choose from for each product not just one.  They can pick and choose which one has the best individual product. The lender that has the best VA Loan might not be the lender that has the best FHA Loan. Having multiple resources for each type of loan is what gives a Mortgage Broker the competitive advantage against on source operations like a Bank or Credit Union.

If you are a Realtor  I  know you have a  tough time trying to steer Veterans away from using the big 3 – Navy Federal, Pentagon Federal, and USAA but showing them this video might help them understand the differences that are available. First Meridian Mortgage is located in Alexandria Virginia just outside of Fort Belvoir, In Fairfax County Virginia and can be contacted at 703-799-5626, or www.firstmeridianmortgage.com


Kevin Retcher – Semper FI – kevin@firstmeridianmortgage.com

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