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Making the Right Mortgage Choice – Alexandria, Virginia

When you are looking to purchase or refinance your largest investment you will need to evaluate all your options. You can avoided making mistakes if you contact the right mortgage company that has competitive and fixed rates. For Virginia home loan offers, conventional loans, government loans, non-conforming loans we recommend First Meridian Mortgage Corporation located at 8305 Richmond Hwy 12A, Alexandria, Virginia in Fairfax County.

About First Meridian Mortgage Corporation – Fairfax Virginia

It is a Alexandria, Virginia Based mortgage company with a license to conduct its business in Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia. Founded in 1996, this trusted company has grown into a leading mortgage company for the Washington DC Metro Area. First Meridian offers expert advice and guidance along with the most competitive mortgage interest rates.

Financing programs:

  • HARP Financing – The Home Affordable Refinance Program.
  • FHA – A mortgage issued by federally qualified lenders and insured by the Federal Housing Administration. These mortgage programs are designed for low to moderate income borrowers.
  • VA – With credit standards that are relaxed and options for low down payment, the VA loan is geared specifically to help veterans and military personnel get a mortgage and own a home.

The most popular home loan Virginia program is the No Closing Cost Refinance Program. Their mortgages are backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

First Meridian Mortgage has a relationship with over 40 of the most prestigious lenders in the nation, and getting the best possible rates is a certainty. They offer free consultation prior to signing a mortgage program, and they have a dozen of those available. It all depends on your situation and preferences, but anyone can find something from their selection of loan offers:

  • Conventional Loans – The rates are fixed. They give out conforming loans for amounts under $424,100. Since they are backed by high balance Fannie or Freddie loans, the limits are a max of 636,150 and even up to $3,000,000 for Jumbo loans.
  • Government Loans – FHA 203k loans. VA loans that go up to $1,500,000 with 25% contribution above the country’s allowed limits and are 100% paid in cash.
  • Nonconforming Loans – Funding of Jumbo loans up to 2,000,000. Loans that fail to meet bank criteria for funding are turned down and money lending is required.

Construction Loans – Designed for buying and building with the same loan, so there’s no need for double contracts. Subdivision loans up to $3,000,000. Lot loans to buy your dream piece of land to build the home you always wanted.

Home loan Virginia Equity Loans – Loans for home improvements and debt consolidations.

Their services are available in Alexandria, Virginia, Maryland & District of Columbia, and if you are looking for a way to finance your new home purchase, look no more. Contact First Meridian Mortgage Corporation for a premier choice in the Virginia home loan market. They offer conventional loan, government loan, non-conforming loan.

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